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Structured Silver in Other Contexts

Research into structured silver is accelerating around the globe. Nano-structured silver leaves, complex structured molecules, silver coatings, structured silver liquids, electronics advances… Silver molecules structured to a fine degree are resulting in surprising results in a wide range of disciplines.

We have collected a handful of recent research to provide an entry point into the field's broader developments, showing that Thank You Structured Silver is unique but not in a field of development all by itself.

Importantly, this group of articles (below) are not about Thank You Structured Silver. The goal of presenting these articles is simply to show that the field of materials research involving silver is vibrant and surprising. Short summaries of these articles are provided to remain accessible to a general audience.

The study of molecular structure explores how molecules within a stable form interact with each other on a tiny scale – valence relationships, spin, angles, phase, charge, wavelength, force, energy, et cetera. Silver has the distinction of possessing the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any element (#47 on the Periodic Table) yet discovered, characteristics which help explain why science is now rapidly exploring silver’s potential applications.