Effects of Ar Gas Pressure on Characterization of Nano-Structured Silver Films Deposited on the Surface of Polyester Fabric

Published in Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volume 189, 2012), this article’s theme revolves around frontiers in information engineering for mechanics and materials.

After nano-structured silver films are prepared by magnetron sputtering on the surface of polyester plain weave fabric, the effect of vacuum pressure, anti-UV, and the conductivity of samples deposited with silver films is investigated. Results show that while the conductivity of silver film is optimum with pressure at 0.3Pa, the surface roughness of silver film with substrate for plain weave fabric and particle size are the largest and most distinct when pressure is at 0.6Pa. The samples show better UV absorption, while Ar gas pressure has no noticeable influence on UV shielding radiation.

Authors: Xin Min Huang, Qian Wen Wang, Yue Li Li.

The original article can be found online at Scientific.net.